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Hobbies Series - Painting - August 2023

A recent survey conducted by Statista shows that 26%* of people surveyed say that painting is their number one choice for a hobby. Painting is one of the many hobbies that improve fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, allowing your creativity to flow and artistic expression to happen.

Painting pallet with colours mixed and paint brushes with squeeze tubes on a white background

It’s a wonderful way to relieve stress

Painting allows people of any age and experience to enjoy it as a hobby. If you’re a complete novice or accomplished artist painting offers something for all. Whether you’re painting by numbers, rock painting with the grandchildren or crafting an expert watercolour, painting is a fantastic way to connect with others or your environment and help keep the body and mind active.

It’s a wonderful way to stay creative

Painting can be amazing and engaging, it can open the door to an experience of a group art class, you can find your nearest art class here, participation in a group art class not only from an artistic standpoint but also the social aspects involved.

In a group art class, you'll enjoy the advantages of skilled tutors who'll lead you through diverse techniques, sharing tips to enhance your painting skills. Observing the varied styles of fellow artists ignites inspiration and broadens your artistic path. Working together with others exposes you to fresh viewpoints, sparking creativity and refining problem-solving skills.

It’s a wonderful way to stay social

Getting into painting helps you forge connections and bond over common interests. It opens doors for group socialising or painting sessions at home when friends come over, nurturing a sense of solidarity.

Getting into arts and crafts has many physical and mental benefits particularly improving your motor skills. Using a brush, pen or pencil involves the coordination of the brain, eyes and hands, which might get a bit trickier as time goes on. But practising regularly gives you can bring back your skills. This is super useful, especially for older folks who want to keep doing their thing independently at home. So, whether you're sketching your favourite view or trying your hand at painting, you're not just having fun, you're also giving your brain and skills a boost!

1. Painting isn't just a pastime; it's a wellness boost for seniors. It keeps them active, sharpens motor skills, and enhances coordination.

2. Painting is a holistic healer. It offers relief from stress, fuels creativity, sharpens cognitive function, and sparks social interaction. For seniors, it has many benefits.

3. Painting empowers independence. It demands focus and concentration, all while providing a treasure trove of activities that can be enjoyed within the comfort of home or a social gathering.

Homelife Stairlifts, are designed to provide you with freedom and independence.

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