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Serving our customers step by step. 

  • Expert advice to guide you with your decision. 

  • A bespoke service tailored to your needs

  • Safe and reliable for your peace of mind

  • Comprehensive support and maintenance  

  • Free, no obligation onsite assessment.

Helping you choose what's right for you  

Choosing is easier than you think. 

Choosing a stairlift can be a difficult decision, at Homelife stairlifts we focus on supporting our customers throughout the process. Unlike other Stairlift companies understanding our user's needs are our priority. Our expert advisors can discuss what issues you have with your stairs and what you'd like to achieve.

Being part of the Bespoke Stairlifts family we have almost 20 years experience providing high quality stairlifts to customers worldwide.

How our customers interact with their homes is important to us to ensure we can offer the best services and products to enable you the freedom of your home. 


We can only do this by understanding your needs by talking to you about your specific needs. 

Following the guidance below can help you make better decisions alternatively you can call one of our experienced advisors  who can help you with any questions you may have. 

We can help you decide on the perfect stairlift 

Illustration of a straight staicase

Straight Staircases

Our Synergy straight stairlift is the perfect solution for straightforward staircases, ensuring a seamless fit. With its slim rail design, it takes up minimal space, allowing ample room for your family to move freely on the stairs.
Manufactured in the U.K., our straight stairlift enables fast installations, often available within a day. Say goodbye to long waits and embrace your independence sooner than you imagined.

Designed to blend seamlessly into your home, our straight stairlift becomes a natural addition to your staircase. Enjoy effortless mobility and reclaim your home as your own once again. 

Image of a starcase that turns back on itself.
180 V1.4.png

Curved Staircases

Navigating curved staircases may seem complex, but our Infinity curved stairlift is designed to fit almost all types of curves, from simple one-turn staircases to challenging spirals. Our in-house survey, design, and manufacturing teams are experienced in creating the perfect fit for your home.
With our comprehensive home and physical assessment, our knowledgeable advisors ensure a made-to-measure stairlift that brings you peace of mind. We prioritize your unique needs, ensuring that your stairlift is tailored specifically to you, providing the utmost comfort and safety.

Here to help, right from the start. 

Pick up the phone today, Homelife Stairlifts have the team to help.  

Investing in a stairlift can be life-changing, and many people who have one regret not getting one sooner. The freedom a Homelife Stairlift can give you to regain the independence of your home is priceless. However, the number of different companies and products available can seem daunting. That's why our highly trained advisors are here to guide you through every step of the process.

We can offer over-the-phone help to discuss your needs and your property, and help you choose the right product to suit your abilities. Our advisors can assist with any options you may need and explain what the next steps are.

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 We take pride in offering impartial advice to help you understand your needs, with no high-pressure sales tactics. All our advisors provide clear guidance on all Homelife Stairlift services, but it may also be helpful to have a family member with you when you talk to us.


If you're unsure about anything, we're here to help. If you're not ready to make a call yet, head over to our FAQ page to find out more information. When you're ready, just pick up the phone and call our expert advisors on 0808 175 4400.

Your free home assessment 

Whether you know exactly what you want or need some helpful advice, Homelife's home and user assessments can help you find the right product to suit your needs. Once you've spoken to one of our expert telephone advisors, the next step is to book a convenient visit from one of our experienced surveyors at a time that suits you. We have surveyors based all over the UK, so we can often organise a visit as soon as the next day, sometimes even the same day.

At Homelife Stairlifts, we focus on the user's needs, abilities, and desires, unlike many other stairlift companies. Our surveyors will first spend time understanding these factors and how Homelife Stairlifts can find the appropriate stairlift solution.

Once the user requirements and assessment are complete, the surveyor will then begin a fully comprehensive site assessment. Using the latest photographic surveying technology, we collect the measurements of your staircase for our design teams to use when creating your bespoke stairlift.

Once the survey is completed, the surveyor can discuss any options you require and offer you a detailed quote. This service is completely free and with no obligation. Our quotes are valid for up to 12 months, so you'll only pay what the quote says, even if you can't decide on the day.

Contact us today and book your FREE no-obligation site assessment! You can either fill in the details form or
call us on
FREEPHONE 0808 175 4400.

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About our Home Assessment 

All Homelife Stairlift's assessors are DBS checked and have been through our comprehensive product training course. 

They carry samples of stylish rails, remote controls, upholstery colours a various other examples giving you an opportunity to see and feel the quality of design and manufacture in a Homelife Stairlift. 

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