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The Digital Shift

10 Homelife Helpful Highlights for you to stay connected.

The digital shift brought about by COVID-19 impacted all our lives, from how we communicate with our loved ones and still carry on with our hobbies. Below in our blog are some apps and websites that you can use to help you with the digital shift introduced by COVID-19.

Big Launcher is an app that can help you use your smartphone. With larger icons, text, and it’s easy to use! This app makes it easier for you to make calls with your loved ones and friends and other functions without feeling overwhelmed.

2 - Be My Eyes

Be My Eyes is a great app that helps anyone who is visually impaired to connect with volunteers who can assist you through live video calls. This app allows you to receive real-time help where you may need it, it could help you read labels, find items around your home and check expiry dates on your products. A useful app for you to use if a loved one or a friend is not available to help when you need it.

3- Amazon Echo Show

The Amazon Echo Show is activated when you talk to it, think of it as a friend. You can ask it to set you a reminder, tell you when any appointments you have are and remind you to take your medication. You could also use it to listen to an audiobook or to listen to your favourite music.

It also has the "Drop-In" feature, which allows you to talk to your family via video.

4- Pill Reminder by Medisafe

Pill Reminder allows you to manage the complicated task of taking your medication, this is especially useful if you take multiple fiddly tablets a day. Pill Reminder will send you a reminder for your personalised medication schedules, the app also tracks how many pills are left in your medication packet and reminds you when you may need a repeat prescription.

Another great part of the app is there is the option for your family to be reminded if you have missed taking your medication which may be another useful reminder and give you peace of mind and the proper care you deserve.

5 - Nextdoor

Nextdoor allows you to communicate with your neighbours who can help you get your food shopping and take you to any place you may need to go by car. The app also allows you to meet people who live nearby to you, this may be very helpful for anyone who has mobility issues as you do not have to travel far.

6 - Meetup

Meetup is an online app that allows you to find people who share the same hobbies as you, maybe you found a new hobby in lockdown and you want to continue or it could be a local book club, a photography class, or an art class. It will give you the chance to communicate with other like-minded people. There is also the option to join a group class where you can learn a new skill or hobby.

7 - Zoom

As mentioned in our previous blog, Zoom is an app that allows you to connect with friends and family. If you would like to find out more about the benefits of Zoom, please read our previous blog here.

8 – Words With Friends

Words with Friends is an app that is very similar to Scrabble, but it allows you to connect with multiple players, which could be your friends or family or other users that you have met on the app. Once connected you can play the app together.

9 – Facebook

Many of us know and use the app Facebook, it is a great way for us to stay connected with loved ones and see life updates from our Facebook friends in the form of text, images, and videos. There is also an option to message loved ones or connections in the messenger section of the app. You can also follow pages that are of interest to you, such as Homelife Stairlifts so you can stay up to date with the latest product announcements and Stairlift discounts and deals.

10 - Silver Line

Silver Line is a service where you can talk to trained volunteers for free and they can provide you with information and advice about anything when you need it. This will make sure you always have someone to ask if you need any help when family or friends are busy. A very handy thing!

For more information about our stairlifts, find us here at or call our expert advisors on 0808 175 4400.

Homelife Stairlifts, Live Better Forever.

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